Brandshare Promoter Guidelines

Brandshare is excited that you are joining us in leveraging social media and other online outlets to spread word about our amazing brands and products! We look forward to working with you. P lease keep in mind that you have certain obligations when discussing our products and company online, particularly when Brandshare has provided products or samples to you:

  • Your relationship with Brandshare and the fact that any compensation may have been received (which includes receiving a free product or sample) needs to be disclosed in a “clear and conspicuous” manner. A visitor to your social media page or site should easily notice and understand the disclosure.  Do not put the disclosure in small print or hide it on the social media page or site. 
  • You must be truthful and accurate in your statements online about the products and company. Your statements must reflect your honest beliefs, opinions, and experiences. You cannot make up a claim about a product that requires proof – such as scientific proof that a product can treat a health condition.
  • You may not post endorsements with time limits (e.g., Instagram Stories or Snapchat). Viewers should be able to access and view your posts at all times without any restrictions.
  • You may not: (1) make offensive comments that have the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating or hostile environment; (2) post content that promotes bigotry, racism, or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age; (3) use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or other offensive language; and (4) make deceptive or misleading claims about Brandshare or its products or our competitors or their products; (5) engage in any communication that is defamatory or infringes upon the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other intellectual property rights of others; (6) disparage Brandshare or our products; or (6) create posts that include any person, or personally identifiable information about anyone, other than you; or (7) buy followers, use bots to grow audience size by automating account creating, or post fake sponsored content.
  • You must adhere to: (1) the posted policies, guidelines, and terms of use on any platform on which you posted content on behalf of Brandshare; and (2) any additional guidelines provided by Brandshare.
  • Your conduct online could reflect positively or negatively on both you and Brandshare. Remember that you and Brandshare may be liable for your actions. In the event of any claim based on your conduct online, you agree to indemnify and hold Brandshare harmless.


Although subject to change based on changes in the online community and elsewhere, we offer the following suggestions for generally accepted disclosures:

If your endorsement is on a blog or social network

  • Include disclosure as part of the editorial content
  • “I received (X product or service) from (company) to review”
  • “I was paid by (company) to review”

If your endorsement is in a picture on a platform (eg. Instagram)

  • Include disclosure and state hash tag as part of the post
    • “I received (X product or service) from (company) to review”
    • Example hash tags: #GiftedbyWalmartBeautyBox (gifted), #adv (advertisement), #spon (sponsored), #samp (sample)

If making an endorsement in a video

  • Include the disclosure as part of the video content and part of the written description
    • “I received (X product or service) from (company X) to review/create this video”
    • “I was paid by (company) to review/create this video”
    • Example hash tags: #GiftedbyWalmartBeautyBox (gifted), #adv (advertisement), #spon (sponsored), #samp (sample)

If making an endorsement in a live stream

  • Repeat the disclosure periodically
    • “I received (X product or sample) from (company)”
    • “I was paid by (company)”
    • Example hash tags: #GiftedbyWalmartBeautyBox (gifted), #adv (advertisement), #spon (sponsored), #samp (sample)